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20 February, 2006

It is okay to desire money (Jerusalem Post)

"Is it possible to live without money?"
  It is sometimes the simple questions ...

The Jerusalem Post ran a short piece today which quoted the Dalai Lama as saying it was okay to desire money. In what may be breaking from a basic Buddhist precept of non-attachment, His Holiness said "We love money - it is impossible to change that!"

In a televised press conference on Sunday, the Dalai Lama, currently visiting Israel, answered questions from reporters. One reporter asked, "Is it possible to live without money?"

In response, His Holiness said, "We love money - it's impossible to change that. Part of Buddhist practice is generosity, donation. And without money, only prayer!" The audience laughed.

"But there are some people who feel money is the only purpose of our life. And that is bad."

You can also read this article at the Jerusalem Post web site.

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