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01 January, 2017

Mongolia says "No" to future Dalai Lama visits

Reported widely on the internet, this is from a story appearing in the NY Times on Friday.
Remarks by its foreign minister this past month were the latest sign that another country had withered under pressure from China over the contentious issue of the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader.

Mongolia, whose rulers played a role in establishing the Dalai Lama centuries ago, no longer welcomes him.

The minister, Tsend Munkh-Orgil, told the Onoodor newspaper that the government “feels sorry” for allowing the Dalai Lama to visit Mongolia in November and that the Dalai Lama “probably won’t be visiting Mongolia again during this administration,” according to Bloomberg News. The Foreign Ministry confirmed the remarks, according to The Associated Press.

The reaction by Mongolia surprised some scholars because of the country’s deep ties to the Dalai Lama, which date from the 1500s. Even the title alludes to those roots: Dalai means “ocean” in Mongolian.

• Read the entire article here.
• Photo of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama by Christopher Michel and is used under a CC BY 2.O license

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