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18 June, 2016

Interview with HH the Karmapa

A wonderful interview with His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje. This is circulating well on the web, but in case you have not come across it yet...

Q: You get to see news from around the world, and you get to see now that Tibet is now is flushed with wealth and there's so much of material comfort. Do you think Tibetans are forgetting the cause?

Karmapa: Maybe not. Of course, they have lots of material progress, material development there. One way for the people it's more satisfying that there's only material development. What they need is more internal freedom They can have more access. They can have a sort of basic freedom and freedom of religion and freedom of speech and everything. I think those are very important sort of matters you could say … I think material development can bring some temporary comfort and temporary sort of satisfaction, but if people need more long term sort of happiness and more long term satisfaction, then they need more. More than material development.

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