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10 September, 2014

China tells Dalai Lama again to respect reincarnation

BEIJING (Reuters) - China repeated a call on the Dalai Lama on Wednesday to respect what it said was the historic practice of reincarnation, after the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader implied in a newspaper interview he may be the last to hold the position...
 This possibility seemed pretty obvious when the story about "no successor" broke, and the Chinese government did not disappoint. Remembering that late in 2007 the Dalai Lama actually considered the idea of naming a successor before his death to avoid giving China the chance to put forth and confirm a pro-China Dalai Lama. A few months earlier China announced a ban on reincarnation without government approval.

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China Bans Reincarnation without government permission

Dalai Lama may name successor before death

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