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12 March, 2007

The Panchen Lama and Tibet's Future

Who is the Panchen Lama? where is he? what is his role in the future of Tibet? What is the role of the media in his story? Read on to find out this and much more...

Thus begins a terrific, and somewhat detailed, article by Glenn Freeman appearing on the web site about the kidnapping of the 11th Panchen Lama on May 17th 1995 at age 6, by the Chinese government.

From that article:
What would happen if Vice President Dick Cheney, Billy Graham, their families and supporters were kidnapped in Texas and detained in a secret bunker somewhere in the Mohavi desert; a place so remote and secure one might even find Osama Bin Laden hiding there! Such an auspicious ocurrance would certainly be embraced by a majority of US citizens and perhaps the rest of the world. No doubt international news services would not ignore such a major story. It would remain front page news until that Dick Cheney, along with the leader of his support base, were located dead or alive.

This is a must-read article, which can be found on the web site.

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