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13 March, 2007

China angrily rejects criticism by the Dalai Lama

Exhibiting behavior one might expect from a repressor, an agent of the Chinese government spoke out harshly in response to comments made by His Holiness this past weekend.

"The Dalai Lama been on exile abroad, engaging in activities undermining the unity of the motherland." As if suppression of the Tibetan people by China was not an activity undermining the unity of that land.

The position of the Chinese government continues to amaze and confound. It is obvious that there is much going on here that Americans will never fully appreciate or understand, but from the perspective of our culture, the Chinese government continues to remain asleep with regards to Tibet. And their continued, absurd protestations only further damage an already decayed perception of their political direction.

"We hope the Dalai Lama can ... review his basic political propositions so as to make right actions so as to do more things that are conducive to the Tibetan people in his life..."

If the Chinese Government objects to criticism relating to their occupation of Tibet, they should release the country and allow the Tibetan government to return. As a conquering nation, they open themselves to many avenues of criticism, particularly from the people they have conquered. The Dalai Lama brings forgiveness to the table, and they should consider this olive branch an opportunity to adjust their direction, and make amends to the Tibetan people in whatever ways His Holiness and the Tibetan Government deem appropriate. May we all be so lucky to have someone so enlightened sitting across the negotiating table from us during a dispute.

What do you think?

The article referenced appeared on the and sites this morning.

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