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22 July, 2006

Is time running out for Tibet?

Two sensational titles posted to this BLOG over yesterday and today might certainly indicate a nervousness over the future of both the current and the next Dalai Lama. His Holiness turned 71 on July 6th, and articles began appearing which suggest that advancing years will result in the failure of his goal to see a free Tibet. His recent cancellation of engagements and teachings for the month further seem to indicate a need to look forward. A recent AP article, which we found online at the Houston Chronicle site, does a good job at outlining the concerns.

Time, Tibetan exiles fear, is running out.
Associated Press

As the Dalai Lama ages, their dreams of returning to a free Tibet are slowly being crushed by a realization that they face a long bleak period without an international icon to plead their case before the world and keep them united.

Since fleeing into exile in India in 1959 after a failed uprising against Chinese rule, the Tibetan spiritual leader has personified his Himalayan nation's struggle for self-determination.

He turned 71 on July 6, and while generally considered to be in good health, the globe-trotting holy man was grounded by his doctors a day before his birthday because of exhaustion and canceled all his engagements for a month.

Read the entire article at the Houston Chronicle web site.

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