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09 June, 2005

Dalai Lama to live a long life, enters into a semi-retirement is reporting today on a story out of Dharamsala. The Dalai Lama has responded to the prayers of Tibetans with regards to his living a long life, and assures them that "the current plight of Tibet necessitates him to live long so that he could continue his endeavor for the cause of his people until the issue of Tibet is resolved." In an extension of that sentiment, His Holiness responded to requests for him to assume a more significant role in the Government in Exile by saying that elected leadership needed to to govern without his shadow as this was the way to political maturity which would be needed when "the Dalai Lama is no more". To allow this to occur, His Holiness announced that he would reduce his executive role and would enter into "semi retirement". To counter the concerns of the Tibetan people over this reduced role, the Dalai Lama said he would continue to work for the cause of Tibet in terms of helping to achieve dialogue with Beijing and in terms of continued efforts to mobilize international support for the Tibetan cause.

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