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11 June, 2005

China: issues regarding Tibet can be discussed if Dalai Lama stops "separatist” activities

In a piece running today in the Telegraph (of Calcutta, India), it is being reported that the government in China is not satisfied with the position taken by the Dalai Lama regarding the autonomy of Tibet. In a statement last March during National Uprising Day, the Dalai Lama said that “Tibet’s future lies” with China. In this, His Holiness was softening his position of Tibetan independence, and restating his desire as simply greater autonomy for Tibet. It was reported that yesterday that "Chinese vice-minister for foreign affairs Wu Dawei told a group of visiting Indian journalists that all issues regarding Tibet could be discussed if the Dalai Lama stopped his “separatist” activities.", and that changes in the Dalai Lama's views did not represent “substantive changes”. According to this article, the Chinese insist that the Dalai Lama will need to publicly give up any demand for an independent Tibet and "proclaim that Tibet “was and is part of China”."

Read the entire article on the Telegraph web site.

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