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14 May, 2005

"All you need to be is a good and honest person"

In an article found on, Khushwant Singh speaks with the Dalai Lama very frankly about the Buddhist beliefs of reincarnation and death. The author, respectful of the Dalai Lama and Buddhist doctrine, argued that we cannot know what happens at death and that the idea of children remembering details of a previous life was "infantile fantasies". The Dalai Lama responded by roaring with laughter.

The author also asked the Dalai Lama how to overcome a fear of death. His Holiness explained that there are many things unknown about death, and that how memory survives is unknown, but gave several examples to suggest it must. "Today's body is a continuation of yesterday's body," His Holiness explained. "A newborn child is a continuation of the unborn child right to the moment of conception - and to the father's sperm entering the mother's egg. Conception does not always follow. There is a third factor which is the mind or consciousness which gives it continuity.'

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