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27 August, 2015

China: No Way to the Middle Way

DHARAMSHALA, August 27: In what comes as a major blow to the Tibetan exile government’s efforts of reestablishing dialogue with Beijing, China has said that the “Middle Way proposed by the Dalai Lama group” will never be accepted.

The United Front Work Department said in a release posted on its website that the Middle Way’s main intention is to split China and that the Dalai Lama’s envoys refuse to accept China’s idea of Sovereignty over Tibet. The UFWD also has accused the 1989 Nobel Peace laureate of “wanting to seize all the power and set up a semi-independent political regime.”

Chinese president Xi Jinping has called out to his communist officials in Tibet to "firmly take the initiative" in the fight against exile ‘separatist forces’, a term often found in Chinese propaganda to refer to Tibetan exiles, “vowing to crack down on all activities seeking to separate the country and destroy social stability.”

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China will never accept Middle Way Approach: UFWD, by Tenzin Monlam
Phayul [Thursday, August 27, 2015 10:36]

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