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18 February, 2009

Display the Tibetan Flag on March 10, 2009

Spotted recently on the Students For Tibet web site was a post inviting people to display a Tibetan flag on March 10, 2009. This seemed a spectacular idea to draw additional attention to the Tibet issue, so we are reprinting their article here and linking to their site.

But first - in taking that a step further ... we would like to encourage all bloggers and webmasters to display an image of the Tibetan flag on their blogs and web sites during the entire month of March. The image appearing in this post is from Wiki Commons, is in the public domain, and can be used for this purpose.

from the Student for a Free Tibet web site

Last year, we were deeply inspired by the images of Tibetans inside Tibet carrying homemade flags in the streets and hoisting the Tibetan flag on top of Chinese government buildings and flagpoles.

This year, we encourage you to get your local town or city government to raise the Tibetan flag on March 10. This action builds invaluable public awareness and support for Tibet at the local level and is something that people everywhere can do.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF Raise the Flag toolkit

Check out SFT's
M10: Raise the Flag Facebook page for creative ideas. Add your own inspiring flag raising actions in the lead up to March 10th to help build momentum for this global observance of 50 years of Tibetan resistance.

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Please leave a comment if you have other ideas or suggestions for increasing the awareness of the Tibetan issue.

1 comment:

Mog Rhod said...

Snow Lion Patches for Chinese Soldiers

Dearest Holiness Dalai Lama,

I know Tibet is a poor country, and Tibetans feel isolated and traumatized.

In my practice and acquaintance with your example and reasoning that Tibet is a part of China, but there should be more freedom for Tibetan people, the only middle path idea of which I have (which is not fully "I" but dependently originated on the Sangha and folks I hang out with) is to follow the first paramita of generosity and give Chinese troops in Tibet a Snow Lion patch to wear on their uniform. Buddhism is about acceptance. You know that Chinese soldiers suffer too and the great karmic repercussions generated in 1959, and the patch idea is just to make the Chinese soldiers so far from home feel accepted as mother sentient beings.

In the 36 Stratagems of Ancient China is one called Lure the Tiger out of the Mountains. We are the གངས་སེང་གེ་ or in Chinese the Rui Shi 瑞獅, the milk of the snow lioness, that bodhichitta, that fearless compassion. Although to be honest I’m a little crazy, or somewhere in the middle.

William Rhodes

Om Mani Peme Hung

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned. - Buddha, 6th century