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24 July, 2008

Why President Bush is going to Beijing

"And by the way, as you know, I'm the first president ever to have stood up publicly with the Dalai Lama, and told President Hu Jintao I was going to. And he wasn't that pleased about it, but nevertheless, I said I believe in a religious freedom, Mr. President."

At a news conference during last week's G-8 summit in Japan, President Bush explained why he's attending the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Games.

Read the entire article at the Los Angleles Times Online
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Thomas Paine Jr. said...

I was at the Torch "run" in San Francisco and one of the main conversations (with people that weren't shouting) was that it'll be interesting to see which U.S. candidate is more consistently supportive of human rights and religious freedom, especially from a foreign policy standpoint. They're discussing it here: