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17 October, 2007

(video) HH the 14th Dalai Lama's speech following receipt of U.S. Congressional Gold Medal

YouTube video of the CNN broadcast of the speech by HH The Dalai Lama, Part I.
Click here to view Part II on YouTube.

".. that death is our final destination. We have to go that way. Now, as a Buddhist, as a believer, what we can do is only pray, prayer, for those people's soul who are no longer with us."

"The consistency of the American support for Tibet has not gone unnoticed in China. This has caused some tension in the US - China relations. I feel a sense of regret. Today I wish to share with you all my sincere hope that the future of Tibet and China will move beyond mistrust, on to a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and recognition of common interests."

"I believe it is vital for China to have transparency, rule of law and freedom of information."

From Part II:
"On the future of Tibet, let me take this opportunity to state categorically, that I am not seeking independence, I am seeking a meaningful autonomy for the Tibetan people. Furthermore, I have no intention to use any agreement on autonomy as a stepping stone for Tibet's Independence. I have conveyed these thoughts to successive Chinese leaders."

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Anonymous said...

I understand it is perhaps not easy to alienate US government and its verbal support for the cause of Tibet, yet I wonder whether about taking such a stance may boost the cause.

Here's my reflection on Dalai Lama's Congessional medal