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20 July, 2007

"Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness"-Dalia Lama

From the web site:

Dalai Lama meets with Director of Children in CrossfireWelcoming His Holiness the Dalai Lama here this evening as the keynote speaker at the International Conference on children's rights and "A Promise for the Future", Mr Richard Moore, Director of Children in Crossfire told the conference delegates and guests that his organization could not find a better person in the world than His Holiness to address the conference marking the organization's 10th anniversary.

Mr Moore, who was blinded by a rubber bullet after being shot by a British soldier in Derry as a boy of 10 in 1972, founded Children in Crossfire to help other children across the world

His Holiness said that forgiveness is not a sign of weakness, but of greatness and explained how wonderful it was to see that Richard had not only forgiven the soldier whose gunshot blinded him at age 10, but also befriended the soldier and how the two had come together this morning to meet him privately at the Derry hotel where he was staying.

"If I face that kind of tragedy, whether I forgive or not I cannot say. But in his case he actually implements," His Holiness said, adding that Richard is also blessed with a caring mother and family.

Later, when His Holiness presented traditional Tibetan white scarves to both Richard and the soldier in appreciation for their present positive conduct, the audience gave a warm applause and standing ovation.

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