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20 April, 2007

Washington Post: Advocates Sue Yahoo In Chinese Torture Case

While this may be slightly off topic, it seemed an important enough issue to warrant posting on this site. The Dalai Lama is not involved in this case directly or indirectly.

The Washington Post web site ran an article with details of a law suit filed on April 18th against Yahoo! for "abetting the torture of pro-democracy writers by releasing data that allowed China's government to identify them."

Sadly, this suit was filed in the infamous 9th District Court in San Francisco (web). This court has provided some very uneven, and possibly irresponsible, rulings over the last few years - and has certainly seen it's share of controversial suits.

Yahoo is guilty of "an act of corporate irresponsibility," said Morton Sklar, executive director of World Organization for Human Rights USA, based in Washington. "Yahoo had reason to know that if they provided China with identification information that those individuals would be arrested."

The suit says the company was complicit in the arrests of 57-year-old Wang Xiaoning and other Chinese Internet activists. The suit is the latest development in a campaign by advocacy groups to spotlight the conduct of U.S. companies in China.

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