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23 February, 2007

(AP) Tibetan Buddhist Treasures on Display

An Associated Press article found on the SF GATE web site detailed a new exhibit of Tibetan art which is being shown in Berlin.

A new exhibit of Tibetan art in Berlin offers a rare chance to see treasures from ancient Buddhist monasteries, but is also being criticized as whitewashing China's treatment of Tibet's ancient culture. Curator Jeong-hee Lee-Kalisch said the exhibit at the Museum of Asian Art was a unique opportunity to see masterpieces that are not found in other museums. "There has never been an exhibition in which the objects came directly from the monasteries in central Tibet. In that sense, this is a world premiere," Lee-Kalisch said.
The articles also mentions that "The show has encountered criticism from Tibetan exiles and their supporters, who say it glosses over Chinese mistreatment of Tibetan culture."

• Read the entire artcle on the SF GATE web site.
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