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15 June, 2005

Site chosen for 9/11 talks in Wood River, Idaho

Updating an earlier post, from a report published by the Idaho Mountain Express this morning: "Representatives organizing a visit by the Dalai Lama to the Wood River Valley in September announced this week that the Wood River High School football field has been chosen as the site for the exiled leader of Tibet's two public appearances. On Sunday, Sept. 11, His Holiness will deliver a "Message of Compassion and Healing," timed to commemorate the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks on the East Coast four years ago."

Read this entire piece on the Idaho Mountain Express web site.


vanrijngo said...

Hello to all lovers of peace.

I believe this to be one of the greatest events to happen in our great state of Idaho. I feel it is to bad that more people will not be able to attend due to the limited amount of 10,000. I live in Nampa, Idaho and I've not gotten a ticket as of yet, all the while hoping that there will not be a problem in getting one. I feel very fortunate if getting a ticket to enable me in hearing this worldly man of reincarnation speak. I'm presuming of worldly values and what is needed to be done to maintain world peace.

Kindest regards

vanrijngo said...

Well, after being all excited about being able to see and hear the Dalai Lama on his 9-11 speech, I left Nampa around 6:00 am and arrived at the high school around 9:00 one hour after they were to begin giving out the 10,000 tickets and proceeded to get in line for my ticket. After about 20 minutes of standing in line, a gentleman came back to where I was standing in line and put his arm in front of the two people standing in front of me and said;... The rest of you might as well go home because there won't be any more tickets given out than this and it might not be enough for even them.

What a disappointment this was at the time, but after driving into Hailey and finding them already tearing down the booth outside the book store, someone recommended I go to the high school, they might have more tickets left there. She said they only had 2000 themselves to give out and they went fast. she also said that out of the other eight thousands they were holding back a thousand for their friends that didn't want to hassle with the lines and crowds. What a bunch of bull-shit after driving that many miles to get a free ticket.

I'm starting to think all this is for just the rich and famous alone with the elite, for them to figure out how to protect all their own standards of living. I do believe I'd be a lot safer in this world staying home than standing or sitting next to people like this. I really was beginning to think this was all about humanity, the needy and poor, the exact ones who the Dalai Lama should be representing, but I was let in for a great big surprise. All I have to say,... if this is where the Dalai Lama is at in his life, feeling sorry and speaking mainly to the rich and famous and consoling them for losing all their money, he can do this on his own and with out my presence.

Kind regards
Bob Miller---------vanrijngo